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Makeroom is a studio created in 2020 in Sofia.

       Our work includes architectural and interior design of residential, industrial, and office buildings as well as the conception and elaboration of furniture, lighting fixtures, and installations.

       We are architects who strive to create more comfort, beauty, and functionality around themselves. We believe that our environment should neither be a result of a thoughtless impulse to build nor just a functional response to our needs. We think that every intervention, every design needs to have an idea, a message, to tell a story. We consider that our creations should emanate simplicity and be a result of a mastered complexity, of extraction of the essence. 

       We are convinced that the sense of beauty is innate to each one of us, but there are different roads that lead there. This is why our projects are born from the continuous dialogue with the client. We approach the subject of the individuality of each person with interest and thoughtfulness and strive to create spaces that reflect their character and the way they want to live, work, and rest.

       In our work, we build relationships and partnerships because we believe that a good environment is a function of the community. 

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